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TalkBusiness is different. As well as sending highly qualified native speakers of English who understand the world of business to your premises, we also take a radically different approach to designing our classes. Let us tell you about it.


no coursebooks

We never come to your premises with generic, mass-market business English coursebooks. We make materials to suit our clients' needs. Each learner has access to an online learning space with a constantly growing set of bespoke materials.

App Screens


We understand the part that technology can play in the learning process but we also know that it can't replace great teaching! We use carefully chosen technology solutions only when they really support the learners' development as communicators in English.


measurable results

We think too many English lessons make people FEEL they are making progress without offering really measurable results. So we design ways of measuring your employees' 

progress as users of English at work and reporting that progress to you.

Notebook and Pen


Our favourite methodology involves setting challenging communicative tasks, taking detailed notes about our students' performance and then helping them improve. This way, we focus on removing real barriers to effective communication.

Standing Meeting

task-based learning

We design lessons around the completion of tasks. Why? Because that's what people do at work and because it's inherently motivating! Most of our classes involve simulations of the things people do at work when using English.



We believe that enjoyable lessons work best and that games are inherently motivating. So some of our task-based lessons involve competitive and collaborative games. When we use games, constant communication is stimulated as students negotiate, discuss strategies and analyse outcomes.

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