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metering technology for numerous industries

Argelaguer (Girona) 

ProMinent is a German company with a global presence which designs and manufactures metering technology solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. The company's subsidiary in Spain is based at Argelaguer, located between Girona and Olot. At ProMinent Iberia, teams of highly specialised designers and engineers create custom-made technical solutions for customers in the oil, gas and water treatment industries. The personnel in Argelaguer are in constant contact with colleagues at other ProMinent locations in Germany and Czechia, with whom they must collaborate to create the solutions that the company's customers require. This communication is conducted in English.

TalkBusiness has designed highly specialised English training for ProMinent Iberia and is working to develop a series of simulated collaborative communication exercises. These activities are designed to help the company's personnel communicate even more effectively and confidently with their colleagues abroad. The aim throughout is to have a direct impact on the efficiency of communication, saving ProMinent time and money during the execution of its critical business processes. 

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