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fluid handling components and equipment


INOXPA is a manufacturer of stainless steel fluid handling components and equipment for the food-processing, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. The company owns factories in India and Moldova. Employees in Banyoles must communicate constantly not only with the staff in these locations but also with the large number of sales offices the company maintains all around the world. Since the acquisition of INOXPA by the Italian company Interpump Group, it has also been essential for INOXPA employees to maintain constant communication with colleagues at the parent company in Sant'Ilariod'Enza. INOXPA teams also regularly communicate directly with customers. For example, customers are often welcomed to Banyoles, where they can test the suitability of INOXPA solutions.  


After two years of working with just a small number of groups of INOXPA employees, TalkBusiness now handles all English language learning at the company, offering weekly classes to teams working in finance, in technical roles and in commercial roles. We enjoy working at INOXPA because the company allows us to develop a deep understanding of its business processes. This enables us to build classes around simulations of real tasks that employees perform every day.

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